Thursday, 25 April 2013

Intersting Jobs in TV Series and Movies

A friend of mine had heard that I started blogging and suggested I should make a post about the most interesting jobs in TV series and movies. Now this one's a though cookie, but here goes.

Lets just start with one of my favourite movies, Ali G Indahouse. What is there to tell about Ali G Indahouse? Well basically any idiot can become a Member of Parliament. I really enjoy Sacha Baron Cohen's work, except for Bruno, that was an overkill.

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National Treasure… I'm not saying that this was a great movie, but wouldn't it be nice to be a modern Indiana Jones, finding treasures and stuff?

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Hugh Laurie in House M.D. was awesome. His job wasn't really that interesting, a medical diagnostician, but the way he played it. Well it was really entertaining. A doctor who was smarter, than everyone else combined, sarcastic, always speaking his mind, not giving a damn about what everyone else thought about him. It was just great. Too bad the series ended after its 8th season.

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There is another great drama series called Person of Interest. Jim Caviezel's John Reese kicks everyone's ass all by himself. He is the new Jack Bauer out there. But John isn't the one I envy. Harold Finch, played by Michael Emerson is the one who's loaded. Of course he is always in hiding, limping a bit, but all he does all day is identify social security numbers. He kinda does get in danger a few times, but what the heck? If I had billions, I wouldn't mind.

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One of my current favourites is The Big Bang Theory. Almost all the characters have cool jobs, what they like to do. Howard Wolowitz though, has the coolest one. He is an aerospace engineer and he gets to build crazy stuff using the equipment meant for NASA.

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Probably the most interesting and intriguing job is the one that Barney Stinson has, in the series called How I Met Your Mother. What is there to tell about Barney's job? Actually not much. It's a mystery. No one knows what the hell he does for a living and that's the beauty of it. Every time Barney is asked what his job actually is, he just laughs and says “Please!”. There is a slight chance we might find out at the end of the series, together with the identity of Ted's wife. Then again it could remain a secret, for instance, we've never found out where Fes came from, in That 70's Show either.

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