Tuesday, 14 May 2013


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Who is the most badass character in TV? Although there are and were lots of different characters out there, none of them could be compared to Jack Bauer. Forget the almighty Chuck Norris or John McClane, Jack Bauer would kick all of their asses.

Jack Bauer was a character from my favourite action/drama series, 24. The show ran on FOX and it had 8 seasons between 2001 and 2010. Each season presented a day, thus there were 24 episodes in a season. Each episode was in real time, as in 60 minutes (minus the commercials). The show was about a fictional intelligence agency called Counter Terrorist Unit, or CTU, which was created to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil. Jack Bauer was a member of CTU and he pretty much always saved the day. After the series ended there were rumours about a 24 movie but we never got to see that, have we?

Now for the good news. FOX is bringing 24 back! It is called 24: Live Another Day. I know those of you, who have seen 24 are glad to hear the news, as I am, and those of you who haven't, couldn't care less. Btw I suggest you do watch it, you won't be disappointed. Hopefully if the ratings will be high enough, then this won't just be a one season thing.

Although I'm really excited about this news, there is a “minor” problem. The season will only have 12 episodes, WTF?! They are saying they will “skip the less interesting hours”. First of all, 24 didn't have a single uninteresting episode, each of them was highly entertaining and they all ended on cliffhangers so you couldn't wait to see the next one. Still I can't wait to see Jack Bauer back in action, but I'll have to wait a whole year for that to happen.

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